January 19, 2024

S&P Ventures: The Flywheel Effect

The Flywheel Effect

S&P Ventures is an emerging fund and utilizes a unique investment strategy called the flywheel effect. We focus on identifying diverse asset types that, when combined, generate synergies greater than the sum of their parts without compromising the risk profile.  

We are activist investors who work very closely with their portfolio companies to engineer success. We primarily target healthcare/life sciences, tech, and real estate.

The Flywheel Effect [flahy-hweel, -weel]

A compounding return on effort where the logical sequence of events creates inherent and self sustaining momentum.

Investment Strategy


We focus on maximizing the secure predictable nature of debt with the tax benefits and appreciation of equity across multiple asset types and industries.


Our approach is based on the observation that the combination of different asset types and classes create a flywheel effect that has a compounding return on investment.


Our philosophy is grounded in the belief that maximum upside can be obtained without incurring unnecessary downside risk through strategically aligning capital structure and asset types.

The Flywheel Effect in action: 


The Flywheel effect is a distinct strategy that represents how we deploy capital and gives us an unfair advantage when adding value. We engineer the success of our investments from the beginning, stack the odds in our favor and relentlessly execute to drive the highest possible returns for our investors.