January 19, 2024

Our Investment - The Peers Project

Why we invested in the peers project
S&P Ventures has made its first investment of 2024 in The Peers Project. Let me break down the investment:
The Operator:
I have a knack for identifying winners. I recall hearing Kevin O'Leary from Shark Tank mention that he can determine whether he'll invest in a pitch within just 15 seconds.
Michelle Akhidenor is exceptional. She's a Forbes 30 Under 30 awardee and is wholly committed to her craft of becoming the best in her space.
The Business:
I have a deep appreciation for her customer base. She collaborates enterprise clients such as Shopify, Alibaba.com, Indeed, and newly-funded Series A startups.
The Flywheel:
My investment philosophy revolves around the concept of a flywheel. Michelle's association with numerous enterprise companies that have recently secured funding provides us with access to a broader deal flow and valuable relationships.
The Cash Flow:
I have a strong appreciation for cash-flowing service businesses, an area where I possess expertise. As an activist investor, I can play a pivotal role in engineering success for these companies.
The Conclusion:
While some may choose to invest in stocks or REITs, essentially betting on the market, I prefer to take a more hands-on approach.
I collaborate with team from on shore and overseas to source talent and implement systems that drive sales.
The model is simple: Find impeccable operators with great companies and add value through capital and support.
I've established this venture with the aim of building our own S&P 500 of companies and real estate holdings, enabling us to gain a significant competitive advantage.

-Sam Mahmood

Co-Founder, Partner and Chief Business Development Officer

S&P Ventures